Friday, July 01, 2011

La Torre Golf Resort, and suckish golf rules

Yesterday I played nine holes of golf at the La Torre Golf Resort for the first time. Development on this resort is finished and the place has a "complete" feeling that Las Terrazas de la Torre where we are does not even come close to. The golf course is excellent - a bit easier for Roma and me. The fairways are wider and the rough is rougher - I lost two balls in the first two holes. Nevertherless, I managed two pars (my first in Spain!), which always makes one feel better. Overall a better day on the golf course.

One of the very large bunkers at La Torre Golf Resort.
Golf rules and etiquette sometimes suck. While I had a collared shirt on, Roma was warned by the course marshall that while it was OK today (by the time he reached us we were already on the course), next time she would not be allowed to play unless she was wearing a collared shirt too. Later, Vicki and her friends were refused access to the driving range because they did not conform to the rules. When Roma went to get them a bucket of practice balls, she was also refused. What an introduction to golf? In the sweltering heat there was no relaxation on the rules.

I once played golf with my brother Joe in Barrow GC in England when an ordinary member coming off the 18th insisted that Joe (who was wearing jeans) dress properly. All he had was pull-ups which he had to put on over his jeans on a warm day. Needless to say these came off at the second hole and we went on to complete our game without further offending the sartorial senses of anyone. They had accepted our green fees beforehand, and our cash in the bar afterwards without fuss.

I love playing golf, but it is the petty rules and their implementation by petty "officials" that take some of the fun out of it.

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  1. La Torre is a great course if you get chance get to El Valle aswell! Sorry about the marshals 'rules' unfortunately they are only doing their job, the English marshals are great and will do everything they can to help you BUT at the same time let you know what the rules are for next time, the Spanish ones however can be a little more hard to get on with, its their way or the highway!

    We filmed season 1 & 2 of in that part of Spain season 1 on El Valle & Hacienda (Polaris Resorts) and season 2 at Roda Golf & Corvera Golf.

    Enjoy the sun & check out for a great week of events happening in August.