Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Trip Home

In about 4 hours I will be starting the journey home on the bike. Target today is Las Rozas de Madrid, about 250 miles from where I am staying - Las Rozas is to the north east of Madrid. I´d like to have the time to tour Madrid - but some other time will have to do. It is cloudy but hot here, 42C before noon. I´m packed, have a tank full of petrol, and am ready to go. Hopefully I will arrive back in Dublin during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Torre Pacheco is a local town that we visited just towards the end of our holiday. A quiet sleepy place that will be on our list of "to do´s" next time. We stopped for a drink at a Rock Bar which had cool records on the wall - including a copy of Don McLean´s handwritten "American Pie". It also had an interesting plaque on the wall quoting a line from a Beatles song ("The End") from the Abbey Road album - I got Vicki to take the photo. There are Beatles fans all over the world - including a small town in the south-east of Spain.

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