Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday Roma and I visited Kilkenny City for the day. We started out with lunch in the Kilkenny Design Centre - nice, but pricy (€32 for both of us). We then toured Kilkenny Castle - I enjoyed this even though we had been in the castle before. The grounds of the castle are beautiful and there were a lot of tourists about.

Kilkenny Castle
We toured the city centre and stopped for coffee. Every second shop was either a coffee shop or a jewellers shop - there'd are a lot in the city centre.

Roma and I spent a day in Kilkenny 25 years ago just before we got married - 21st June 1986 to be precise, a wonderful romantic day that I will never forget. We had good fun remembering the day and where we went. It was also the day that France beat Brazil (on penalties) in the Mexico World Cup - a game I wanted to see. We had a late lunch in Langtons while the game was on TV at the other end of pub. I got to see the penalty shoot-out and bits of the game - Roma had an early indication of my addiction to football! Here's the shoot-out on YouTube:

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