Thursday, July 07, 2011

"Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt" moment

I try as far as possible to visit Harley-Davidson dealers wherever I travel. I buy H-D t-shirts to show off where I´ve been. On a boiling hot day I set off for Murcia Harley-Davidson. I was tempted to just wear sandals, shorts, and t-shirt (like every other biker on the road), but put on my boots, jeans, and leather jacket. Hot stuff, even in the wind of the open road. I enjoyed the ride anyway as it could be a few more years before I get to ride in this heat again.

My bike (in front) outside Harley-Davidson Murcia.

Murcia is about 20 miles from our apartment with excellent roads. However, there are some very twisty bits through the mountains that mean you go very slow (less than 50mph). This of course means that drivers in cages (cars) like to drive very close behind. I don´t get why they do this on a three lane motorway? It unnerves me, and must be dangerous for them too. However, I think overall that driver behaviour is the same in Spain as in Ireland - with a similar proportion of idiots on the road.

Harley-Davidson Murcia is quite a small dealer, and goes under the name Steel USA. It has very few bikes, in fact stock in everything was very low. Prices are still the ridiculously high Harley prices - only in America have I seen good value in Harley parts. I got my H-D Murcia t-shirt (€30 in a sale), and picked up another €5 t-shirt being sold by the local HOG Chapter. At least that was good value.

Another reason for riding to Murcia was to test my "solution" to the ignition problems my bike experienced earlier this week. Eveything went fine, and should be OK for the trip home.

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