Tuesday, September 20, 2022

YouTube Slowdown

It is now over 14 months since I last posted a video on YouTube. Since I posted my first video on 11th December 2007, I have made a total of 285 videos on a wide range of "How To..." topics. For 13 years or so it was a major part of my educational life, but since retirement I have let it go a bit. My last video was number 105 in a series of How to Programme in R videos. This series has not done as well as expected, with many of these 105 videos only getting a few hundred views in just over a year. The most popular video is "How To... Plot Multiple Datasets on the Same Chart in R #38" with 12,351 views as of today. This is not a surprise in many ways because my "How To... Plot Multiple Data Sets on the Same Chart in Excel 2010" has been my most popular video ever with 1,853,216 views as of today. Here are both videos:

Despite no uploads for over 14 months, the channel still gets around 2.5 million views per year. It stills makes me money which is very welcome for a retired person! To be honest it was part of my original retirement plan to make more videos (and money). A diversion to create a Udemy course on Problem-Solving Techniques was probably not a good financial move - I make more in a day on YouTube than I have in three months of Udemy.