Tuesday, May 14, 2024

My first 2,000,000 viewed video

Recently, my video How To... Plot Multiple Data Sets on the Same Chart in Excel 2010 passed the 2,000,000 views mark, a first for me. This video is 12 years old - I created and published it on 11th April 2012. I never expected this to be a "hit". I actually needed to plot multiple data sets on the same chart and could not find useful videos on YouTube at the time - so I decided to make my own once I'd figured it out.

In addition to 2,009,832 views (todays figure), there are some other interesting data provided by YouTube about this video:

  • The country with the most views is the USA (33%)
  • Ireland accounts for just 4,836 (0.2%) of views
  • London is the city with most views
  • The estimated overall viewing time is 82,815 hours, which is equivalent to 3,450 days or nearly 10 years
  • 40% of views come from suggestions appearing alongside or after other videos
  • The video has revenue of nearly €10,000 since June 2014 when I switched on revenue sharing (I am taxed on this revenue)
  • 77% of revenue comes from skippable ads
  • The video is 7 minutes and 20 seconds long - the average view duration is 2 minutes and 28 seconds (34%)
  • Likes are at 91%, Dislikes are at 9%
As always, I am both flattered and grateful that so many people are still watching this video and finding it useful.

Here it is: