Tuesday, July 26, 2011

D- for Eircom - slower than 80% of Ireland

It's been quite sometime since I had a rant at Eircom. Today I ran a test at www.speedtest.net and the results are mixed - Eircom gets a D-. First, a reminder that Eircom tell me (and bill me) that I have an 8MB/sec Next Generation Broadband connection. Their engineers tell me that the line to the nearest exchange only supports 4MB/sec. As you can see, the download speed is not bad at 1.79MB/sec - and is one of the highest speeds I have ever recorded at home.

BUT - it is less than a quarter of (or half - depending on who you believe in Eircom) what it is supposed to be. On top of this I am now paying extra every month for exceeding the download capacity. I need a new package and am now determined to change from the rubbish service Eircom have been providing. Imagine look the best of the rest. UPC offer fast broadband, but not in my area. Many people have advised me to avoid mobile broadband - however, my daughter Vicki does not use the WiFi in our house on her iPhone as Three mobile broadband is much faster than Eircom.

So I am in the market for a new ISP - and will make a serious effort to change before the end of the summer.


  1. Hi Eugene.

    As I said to you the last time don't overlook Magnet. My dealings with them has been spot on & their complaint handling (not about them but Vodaphone who they took over from) was second to none.
    Great to see you had a good holiday.
    Kieran Hogan

  2. Hi Eugene.

    I have now moved from Three mobile broadband to UPC (lowest package) and I'm pleased so far.
    My speedtest.net results for Three were lower then yours posted above. Maybe you're lucky to live closer to a Three mast then I do.


  3. My speed is regularly reduced to zero with dropped connections from Eircom. Their support does not seem to have the answer