Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Yesterday we visited the City of Cartagena. Like everywhere else in Spain, I found it very easy to drive through and to find parking. We parked at the Plaza de EspaƱa which is right in the city centre and near the main shopping areas - it´s a bit like parking in St Stephen´s Green in Dublin. As we arrived during the afternoon siesta we had time to have lunch and walk around. The port area was first - it´s a big port with lots of cool architecture, the photo to the right of Roma and me is in front of the Peral Submarine, which was built in Cadiz in 1884.

After this it was time for the girls to go shopping and for me to see some sights. My first port of call was the Roman Theatre discovered only in 1988. It has had a lot of restoration work done and was a big thrill to see something built 2000 years ago. I got to stand on the stage - it is quite a big theatre. After this I went to the Civil War Museum - there was not really that much to see, but interesting nonetheless. After this I went up to the Castillo de la ConcepciĆ³n, which is one of the high points overlooking the city - fantastic views, especially of the port and the Roman Theatre from above. Final port of call was to the Carrefour Supermarket on the edge of the city - a massive shop with good value. Dinner was in the nearby Foster´s Hollywood restaurant. Very ordinary and not recommended.

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