Monday, July 18, 2011

Fridge Magnets

What is it about fridge magnets? They serve no useful purpose, but yet I buy them wherever I go. I have magnets from the USA, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, Austria, Italy, and several more countries. It's one of my "to do's" on my travels - buy a fridge magnet. I travel a lot less nowadays than I used to, but I have gathered quite a collection at this stage.

Like most people, I stuck my fridge magnets to the fridge. However, when we had our kitchen redone last year, our new fridge had a wooden door - not magnet friendly. I put all my own magnets in a box and hoped for a future day when I could display them again. The day arrived today! How do you display fridge magnets without a fridge? Go to a metal shop - I went to Carnew Iron Crafts where Johan and Tony provided me with a stainless steel panel to stick my magnets to. Excellent value and great service - thanks guys!

Fridge Magnets

The panel now rests on my wall with 110 magnets so far attached. There is still lots of free space, so I'll be on the magnet hunt for the next few years. Clean, innocent, and cheap fun.

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  1. That's a lot of fridge magnets! I used to put the magnets on our old refrigerator, but eversince I travel a lot more in recent years, the fridge can't handle the increasing number of magnets. I am still trying to find other ways to display my collection.

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