Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last Leg

I finally made it to the last leg of my journey home - I'm on the Stena Nordica from Holyhead to Dublin where there is free WiFi (unlike the two other ferries that I have been on)! The Nordica is due to arrive in Dublin Port at 0:45 tomorrow morning - I'm looking forward to being home.

Earlier today I was on the Pont-Aven from Santander to Portsmouth. Despite hoping to sleep late, I woke early - lots of toilet flushing in neighbouring berths meant no chance to get back to sleep. The ferry arrived bang on time at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but it was nearly 3 o'clock before I got going on the road. The photo below gives some indication of the queue at passport checking:

Barleys in Poetsmouth

The guy on a Harley next to me (not in photo) showed me his iPhone holder for his bike. It's designed to be a water-proof cover which is connect to the bike's battery. He also had Bluetooth activated so that he could take calls on the road. With TomTom SatNav - he had everything he needed. No data roaming charges either as the iPhone can use GPS. Now there's an idea for my next trip!

After leaving Portsmouth I made a wrong turn at Winchester, but I got some petrol and was soon back on the road to the English Midlands. A second stop north of Birmingham for petrol with only £23 (and no credit card) meant a choice between fuel for the bike and fuel for me. I bought £22 of petrol and a Snickers (89p). This was enough. Once I saw a sign for Holyhead - 50 miles with over an hour to go to final checking at 21:45, I could start to take it easy on the road. Despite this I had some delays with road works and stopping to put on rain gear (the rain stopped 2 mins later). First thing on board was some fish & chips with mushy peas. Delicious! Now for some catching up on news thanks to Stena and their free WiFi.

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