Saturday, July 09, 2011

An accident in Spain

Different road signs, different rules, different types of road, different car, left-hand drive - it was a strong possibility that we would be involved in an road accident. It happened yesterday evening in San Javier. Our car collided with a BMW as it was exiting a one-way street from the wrong direction, while a local driver was entering the same street (from right direction). We had no injuries, but the driver of the other BMW was taken to hospital in an ambulance as a precaution. Thank goodness for insurance.

It´s strange to be at the scene of an accident and not understand a word that anybody is saying. The Police had no English, but between them Roma and Vicki managed enough Spanish to understand and explain everything. The driver of the other car was Romanian, and it is clear that he was driving his son´s cool two-door BMW. The son appeared not long after the accident - we could not communicate with the Romanians at all. They were very gracious and did not blame us at all for the accident. After a lot of form filling, the Police cleared the accident scene.

The Police were excellent - very efficient. The car-hire company, Centauro, were also excellent. They had a tow-truck on the scene within an hour and provided a replacement car in the nearby San Javier airport straight-away. Very efficient and pleasant to deal with. I would recommend Centauro not only for their service in dealing with this accident, but also for the fact that they had a very short queue in the airport while other car-hire companies had very long queues.

No injuries, a quick replacement car, insurance - we are lucky. Below is a (poor quality) video of the scene.

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