Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspiring new blog - "But I wanna live forever"

The Irish Independent today reports on the inspiring story of Cáit O'Loughlin (no relation to me) "Dying mum to leave her kids an online legacy of love". Cáit has terminal cancer and is showing a brave face in sharing her story with the world - she derives comfort from writing about her treatment, fears, and attempts at a normal live with her young children. She is also expecting her third child!

I'm sure that when the people behind Web 2.0 and blogging were creating these free tools for us all to use that they never expected blogging to take off in the way that it has done, and that there would be inspirational stories recorded by seriously ill people. It is easy to write blog posts, but it takes courage to bare your soul and share your deepest fears with everybody in the world. Check out Cáit's Blog - But I Want to Live Forever, it's written from the heart, is very new, and well worth a read. Let's hope that Cáit continues to inspire for a long time to come.

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