Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feedback from Eircom

Blogger and Twitter once again show that companies are watching what people are saying about them online. In my recent moans (and I acknowledge that I have been moaning) I have had responses from two people within Eircom. Eircom have a Brand Champion scheme and my situation is now being looked at again.

Stephen Beynon of Eircom also has commented on my blog post "Eircom invests €100m in broadband" - Are they having a laugh? and I'm happy to out the record straight here. I suggested that it would be a waste to upgrade fixed line networks, and that wireless would be the best way to go - but Stephen responds as follows:

Picked up your link on Twitter. Installing fibre is a bit like buying spectrum for mobile service. You can continually upgrade the electronics at either end to increase speed and use new technologies. So I don't think it will risk becoming out of date. 

As for mobile, the ever increasing demand for mobile data is one of the reasons the fibre roll-out is needed. There is only Li.ogre capacity over the air so the data needs transporting from the base station by fibre. 4G will demand huge amounts of fibre and is expected to be a big driver of demand for the new network.  Hope that's useful comment.

Indeed it is and thank you the information (and correction).

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