Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Last day of holidays

Today is the last day of my holidays - after six great weeks off, it's back to work tomorrow. I am back in Dublin as I write this post, having left Wexford this morning. Since I started my holiday in June 20th last, I have spent just three nights in Dublin. I have been to France, Andorra, Spain, the UK, Wicklow, and Wexford over the last six weeks. I am lucky, and blessed, to have so much time off (31 days/year).

Next up when going back to work is marking repeat exams and assessments. I always feel for repeat students as I did this two years in a row (1979 and 1980) myself. I have a higher number than usual repeating this year - I sincerely hope that most students will have done enough to get through the repeats. It's the result that counts at this stage - good luck to all sitting the repeats.

Refreshed after such a long break? Yes! Looking forward to going back to work? Maybe!

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