Monday, August 15, 2011

A Mouse in the House

What is it about a mouse that causes near panic in the house? I got a call at work this morning to tell me that there was a mouse in my bedroom. As I had tests to manage today I could do nothing until I got home in the evening. As the only "man" in the house it is my job to "do something" about mice. They have been in the house before - last time I got three with mouse-traps.

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from Chessie.
I set two traps this evening - one in the kitchen got a mouse within an hour. Bread and jam work best. I was in the kitchen when I heard the sickening sound of the trap going off. I removed the dead mouse and re-set the trap. As I was carrying the dead creature off to the bin, I was struck by how small it was and that a creature of this size can cause people to panic and be fearful. I'm not used to mice in the house, and have recently been looking for dead rats in another location - but I'm not too squeamish about dealing with vermin. I grew up on a farm where squeamishness is not allowed - basically I'm saying I am tough enough to deal with a mouse!

I don't know where it got in. It's the middle of summer and it should have had no need to seek shelter indoors. Perhaps it was about to give birth, or maybe it was just opportunist in entering through an open door. I've looked all around the house and there is no sign of a mighty-mouse forced entry.

So it's war on mice in my house - I will not rest until they are all dead!

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