Monday, August 29, 2011

The Leather's Echo

I have got my own copy of the late Jim Brophy's history of Wicklow GAA 1884-1984 - The Leather's Echo. I have posted about this book before (here) as the book had several references to my Grandfather PJ O'Loughlin when I had borrowed a copy from Jim Brophy's son-in-law Leo Casey. That post attracted comments from two of Jim's daughters who wrote...

Great to see mention of my dad's book in a blog. 

He would have been proud to see that it still has an impact 24 years later. 

Maire Ni Bhroithe (Brophy)


I was googling something and this came up. I too am a daughter and its great to see him remembered.

Mairead Askew (nee Brophy)

I had given up of ever getting a copy of my own - I Googled and checked in 2nd hand bookshops with no luck. I got the book from a man called Peter in Kidderminster in England who was about to throw it out. It had belonged to his mother who was Irish - someone else had given it to her as they thought she might be interested in it (she wasn't!). Before he threw it out, he decided to Google it and up popped my blog post above. He emailed me and offered the book to me for free - he would not take any money for it (I made a donation to the RNLI on his behalf). What a wonderful thing the Internet is in that a man can seek out somebody who would want an old book like this.

The copy I have is in excellent condition and is almost certainly a signed copy from the book launch. Seven of the eleven signatures are by the members of the Wicklow County GAA History Committee (Jim Brophy, Liam Kane, Jimmy Dunne, Peter Keogh, Johnny Kelly, Tommy Coleman, and Jack Napier). Also signing was Jack (Seán) Boothman who later became President of the GAA. I'm sure the signed copy is worth a bit more than an unsigned one - though perhaps only in Wicklow. I'll never sell it anyway.

I'm certain that my Grandfather would have poured over the tremendous detail and stories in this book - no doubt he would have known many of the people featured. He would have been 79 years of age in 1984 when the book was published had he lived. It is probable that Jim Brophy would have known my Grandfather and I'm sure that he would have provided interesting information to him for his book. My Grandfather is dead for over 46 years - perhaps Jim Brophy was even at his funeral in June 1965. I have previously written about my memories of him here.

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  1. Delighted you got a copy - a prize possession! The signatures bring back memories of the launch evening, which was in Aughrim I recall.