Saturday, July 02, 2011


Yesterday we visited the city of Murcia which is a lovely place to walk around. A lot of historical buidings and plenty of shopping are all within a short distance of each other. We called by the Harley-Davidson shop, but forgot about siesta - I´ll have to call back to check out the bikes and get a t-shirt. As in Alicante, there is free public WiFi provided in the city centre - this was handy for keeping in touch with Vicki as Viber provides for free iPhone to iPhone calls whch we did over WiFi. There is even a Murcia App that you can get to help tourists get around. Something for the Failte Ireland to think about.

The first port of call was a small square in front of the main cathedral - we stopped for a very cold beer to check maps. We decided to do some shopping and headed off for the high street (Gran Via). Roma and the girls had good fun checking out the clothes shops. While I got fed up pretty quickly, I did buy a t-shirt for €9.95. We had dinner in the Tomato Tree which was very tasty.

Murcia is very easy to get into by car - parking is plentiful, and there are lots of shops and restaurants to choose from.

Today I played nine holes of golf in Terrazas de la Torre and managed a lot better - four pars included in a total of 20 points for the nine holes. Very good for me - getting better!

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