Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lo Pagan Mud Baths

Monster from the deep!
Yesterday was a mud bath! We headed to the Lo Pagan mud baths in the Mar Menor for some mud therapy and some fun too. At the northern end of the Mar Menor there are some salt basins where salt is made by evaporating sea water (I´m sure much of the salt will end up on our roads in the winter). They also double as mud baths and hot baths. The water is very hot, and there is lots of mud to smear over yourself. We all tried it and the results can be seen in the photos below. The local authority has provided wooden piers for easy access - just wade out and help yourself to some mud. It´s quite good fun, and is also meant to be good for you. While there were a lot ot people sitting in the hot water of the shallow salt basins - less were covered in mud. Clearly, this is a popular exercise with the locals as many elderly people also did the same in the evening sun.

Vicki and her friends Maria and Joanna also got into the swing of things - though they were paranoid about getting mud in their hair. Despite the heavy sulphur dioxide smell, we all enjoyed the unusual experience, none of us had ever done this before.

Maria, Vicki, and Joanna enjoying the mud.

Mud baths are supposed to be good for you, but I can honestly say that I feel no different afterwards than I did beforehand. I did smell bad - even after washing first in the sea and then in the shower, I still feel I can smell it today. Overall - thoroughly good fun and definitely recommended!

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  1. I remember going there around 10 years ago with my younger brother on a flat hunting trip. It is a great place. I didn't get into the mud because I didn't have time but if I visit again I'll definitely dive in and play.

    I remember an elderly Spanish woman starting a conversation with me in Spanish and I didn't understand her. I said "No encantado" and walked away wondering what she was shouting about. A few seconds later I realised my mistake: I meant to say "No entiendo".