Friday, June 10, 2011

Video: The Next Hot Learning App?

The 2011 Spring edition of the Training Industry Quarterly, in an article by Tim Hughan, asks if video is The Next Hot Learning App? Hughan writes that a "growing number of forward-looking organizations are turning to de-centralized approaches of collecting and disseminating corporate knowledge", and that "systematic knowledge capture and sharing with video is the easiest way to collect the vast amount of knowledge that is verbally conveyed during meetings, video or web conferences". 

I don't need convincing of this. 

With YouTube, video has been for the past several years had widespread acceptance outside the corporate sector. I need look no further than my own YouTube Channel (367,000 views as of today) to see that many individuals are using video for learning. With leading learning professionals like Elliott Masie advocating more use of video for learning, it is now accepted that video as an information source is quickly "gaining traction" in the corporate world.

Hugham finishes his article by outlining five "easy steps to a more productive and informed organization" (the 4th point is the key one for me):
  1. Make the commitment
  2. Capture the knowledge
  3. Share the knowledge with the organization
  4. Make video as accessible as documents
  5. Go mobile
I'm hoping to return to lecturing on postgraduate programmes for the 2011/2012 academic year with Learning Technology modules on NCI's MA and PGDip Learning and Teaching courses (more details about these courses here and here). Video, and its use in learning, will be a central theme through the modules.

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