Friday, June 24, 2011


Finally arrived in Terrazas de la Torre in Murcia yesterday after a long day in the saddle - 500 miles and a saddle sore ass to prove it! Leaving Andorra Pat came as far as Pas de la Casa - we stopped for some photos on some scenic spots. This was above the clouds - fantastic scenery, and some great riding (even if some of the bends were very tight).

I was sorry to go my own way after Andorra and leave Pat behind. It was great having some company and someone else to watch out for on the road. He is heading back through France.

I had a lot of downhill riding which was quite slow - much to the annoyance of the locals who expressed their view by driving right up behind me on the slow bends, and giving me two fingers after passing me out! Once out of the mountains I reached motorway fairly quickly, I also had some interesting tunnels - one curiously had a toll of exactly €9.37. In fact tolls cost me a lot - about €80 throughout the day, more than the petrol cost. However, you get great roads for this - no problem with that.

The resort is deathly quiet - there is only one other apartment in our block occupied. Most of the other blocks are also either empty or have very few occupants - there are so few people around that one wonders if we will ever be able to rent the apartment out. It's like a ghost town here. We have the block's swimming pool to ourselves! The golf course is very quiet - Roma and I picked up some cheap (ish) golf clubs today, we'll try the course out in the cooler morning time.

We took a drive around San Javier today for a look around, even stopped for a coffee on the beach. Nice place, but still quiet overall. Hopefully the place will liven up a bit in the next few days

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