Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Destination Niort

Irish Ferries delivered us to Cherbourg bang on time at 11:00 local time. It took another 50 minutes to get off the boat, and it was raining. However, despite having to put on wet gear, we had pleasant journey. We had to take a short, well sign-posted detour, but we were soon on our way to Rennes. We stopped for petrol in Rennes and had lunch in Cafe Nounous where we both had Croque Monsieur from a very limited menu. Here we also experienced the best weather of the day when it was very warm. We had a slightly drunk waitress to look after us. We headed for Nantes where we got lost. I missed a turn off from the motorway for Bordeaux and tried to get back on track after a few roundabouts. Eventually we had to stop to consult our maps and we couldn't figure out where we were. I had to ask a bus driver for directions. Picture this - two geniuses trying to figure out directions - name of the road here we stopped? Rue de Albert Einstein!

This evening we dined in Niort. Lots of restaurants to choose from - we picked one with a dreadful band - watch them below destroy The Clash's "London Calling":

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