Saturday, June 25, 2011

Golf in Terrazas de la Torre

Today was our (Roma and me) first day playing golf in the Terrazas de la Torre golf resort. We tried out our new golf clubs - unwrapping each as they were needed as we went along. We played nine holes - €80 for two, including a golf cart. We´ll play again throughout our stay. It´s a nice course, but tough for golfers of my standard. The fairways are narrow - accuracy off the tee is a must. There is a lot of sand dunes with very coarse sand - fortunately the course ranger told me that I could have a free drop from these areas. Otherwise I would have dropped shots on nearly every hole, and destroyed my new set of clubs on the stones.

Car parkThe report is still very quiet - there are new arrivals at our apartment block, just one family. The photo was taken yesterday evening from the back of our apartment - one thing this place is not short of and that´s car parking spaces. There are hundreds of them around,  but only a handful of cars. As you can see I had the pick of the car park for my bike!

Last evening we went to an Indian restaurant - excellent food at good value (€155 for eight of us). They even had an excelllent Spanish dancer to entertain us, though she did look a bit out of place in an Indian restaurant.

Today is the best day so far - temperature in the 30s and clear skys - I think some time at the pool is in order.

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