Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yesterday we had a day out in Alicante. Roma and I had to create new wills with our Spanish Solicitors as Spanish property is not covered by our Irish wills - by law we needed new ones. So we had to get the wills accepted by a Notary Public - a bit of waiting, but a relatively simply procedure nonetheless.

Alicante is a beautiful city with lots of old buildings and plenty of bars and cafes on the streets. The girls did some shopping and went to McDonalds for lunch (they had been suffering from withdrawal symptoms). Roma and I headed for a Tapas bar that we had been to back in March - Lizarran. Fantastic tapas in a busy bar - simply help yourself and keep track of the wooden sticks to indicate price - delicious stuff.

I also had a look at the port area - there are a lot of boats in the huge marina, some people still have money in Spain. One of the cool things about Alicante is that there is free (registration required) public WiFi along La Explanada de EspaƱa. I uploaded the photo of me to the left to Flickr straight after this pic was taken. Cool or what? (The free WiFi I mean - not me and my shades!).

Alicante is very easy to get to by the excellent road system. Everything is well signposted and parking in the port area  is plentiful.

This morning I cleaned up the inside of the ignition on the bike and took it for a short spin. No problems encountered, but I´m still worried about the cutting-out problem that happened on Sunday. Fingers crossed that everything is OK.

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