Sunday, June 19, 2011

Almost Ready To Go!

Passport - check. Tickets - check. Petrol - check. Rain gear - check. iPhone - check. iPad - check. Clean underwear - check.

When packing light, it is easy to forget something - no doubt I will anyway. We (Pat C. and I) leave tomorrow morning for Rosslare and the over-night ferry to Cherbourg in France. The weather is forecast to be very wet tomorrow - I bought a new rain-proof over-suit that fits over my leather jacket. Looks like I'll need it in the rain tomorrow. Tuesday in Northern France is expected to be cloudy with showers, but once we get to central France the sun is expected to come out - hopefully it will stay this way until I reach my destination (Murcia in Spain) on Thursday.

My biggest fear on this trip is mechanical failure. Last trip to France in the summer of 2008 was a mechanical disaster - with Macadam Moto in Montpelier taking their time (nearly two weeks) to fix my bike. I have had it serviced by Mick and his excellent crew in Motorcycle City - I'm satisfied that the bike is in as good a shape as possible for this trip.

I hope to blog along the way - ferries now have WiFi on board, and I'll be on the watch out for free WiFi in hotels and restaurants too. I'm borrowing Roma's iPad to make blogging and keeping in touch with email easier.

Excitement is building - to quote Lt George (before going over-the-top) in the final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth:

"I'm as excited as a terribly excited person who has a really good reason for being terribly excited".

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