Sunday, June 12, 2011

Web Page Background - Who's Who

My new look blog site is now a whole month old and I have to say that I like my own collage of 51 black and white photos - I intend to leave it on the site for the rest of the summer. While most of the people shown in the collage are well known, there are a some that a few people have asked about. So here is the list in full (how many could you recognize?):

Row 1: Patrick Pearse, John F. Kennedy, Alan Turing, George Best, John Lennon, and Nelson Mandela. 

Row 2: Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Michael Collins, and John Paul II. 

Row 3: Sir Tom Finney, Diego Maradona, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, Alan Kelly, and Charles Stewart Parnell. 

Row 4: Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Emmet, Willie G. Davidson, Wolfe Tone, and Bobby Charlton. 

Row 5: Me, Helen Mirren, Jack Charlton, David Norris, and Roy Keane. 

Row 6: Bobby Sands, Paul McGrath, Clint Eastwood, Barack Obama, Lionel Messi, and Jesus Christ. 

Row 7: Franklin D. Roosevelt, √Čamon de Valera, Paul McCartney, Agnetha Faltskog, and Stephen Fry. 

Row 8: Mohandas K. Gandhi, George Harrison, John Giles, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Wayne, and Margaret Thatcher. 

Row 9: Kevin Moran, Ringo Starr, Pele, Albert Einstein, Brian Cowen, and √Čamon Dunphy.

If you were to create a background image with 50 people that you admire on it - who would they be?

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