Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Killeen Golf Club

Killeen GC.
I should be more careful when boasting about golf - last Monday I had one of my best games ever scoring 32 points and beating my brother Joe by 4 and 3 at Bunclody Golf Club. I was definitely on a high. This evening I played golf in Killeen Golf Club in Kildare, with my good friend and colleague Leo.  I started work early today so's I could finish early - we had a nice day for golf. 

We were paired with two other guys - one of whom was really good. He was marking my card and I felt intimidated from the start - though no fault of his. 

I had a great drive from the first tee - but I played the most horrendous golf after this shot. I did not score a single Stableford point over the first nine holes - I can't remember ever doing this. Indeed I didn't even putt out on any of these holes. I lost so many balls to water. I did manage 10 points on the back nine and even got one (lucky) par. Awful stuff that really spoiled my evening as I couldn't do anything about it. On Monday last I wanted to turn professional, this evening I wanted to give up golf.

But today's round will be forgotten soon. Next week I hope to play in Spain - viva golf!


  1. The air because of the temperature in Spain is much thinner than in Ireland. So you will do much better over there. Good luck

  2. Good stuff - I need everything I can get (like thin air) to improve!