Thursday, June 09, 2011

These guys give Harley-Davidson owners a bad name

The San Francisco Chronicle reported last Tuesday that some Harley-Davidson Bikers Piss-Off Gavin Newsom's Dad At Balboa Cafe. I never heard of Gavin Newsom (or his Dad), but he is Lieutenant Governor of California. In this video two gobshites on Harleys make a lot of unnecessary noise. This gives us Harley-Davidson owners a bad name. Sure - we all like to rev up our bikes like kids, and make some noise. But there is a line that should not be crossed. My own bike, featuring Screaming Eagle II exhaust pipes, is quite loud, but I like to think that I don't "piss-off" anyone with excess noise and unnecessary revving. The guys in the video below are spoiling it for everyone else - police crack down on this sort of thing.

So guys - especially the one with the California license plate number 19G3230. Please stop - you are so uncool and not impressing anybody. You are riding Harleys, but you are not Harley riders.


  1. Being a Harley owner myself and living in Arizona where we can ride all year around, I can sort of relate to these guys. What we don't see in the video, it can look like the BMW cut them off, or they said something to the biker. I myself being a female biker, I have done this once to a person who cut me off in traffic. I have went up next to them and said some nasty words, and told them to watch were they are going. I am not afraid on if I get shot. :)

  2. Arizona - lucky you. My first time on a Fat Boy was riding out from Hacienda H-D in Scottsdale to the Indian Reservation through the desert. Loved it!

    People in cages try to cut me off all the time - I have to admit that sometimes I growl at them with the throttle.