Thursday, December 29, 2016

Who is Watching "How To..." videos on Christmas Day? #3

Each year I am fascinated that so many people watch some of my videos on Christmas Day. This year was the highest number of views ever (2,869) on this day. So who's watching?

By Geography, the top three countries were as follows (all figures from YouTube Analytics):

  1. India: 698 views (24%)
  2. USA: 274 views (9.6%)
  3. Malaysia: 170 views (5.9%)

When you compare this to exactly a month earlier (25th November), the top three were:
  1. USA: 1,120 views (18%)
  2. India: 1,011 views (16%)
  3. UK: 558 views (9%)
It's interesting to see that while there is a big drop in numbers from the USA, which has always been the channel's best country, India takes over the top spot during both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Incidentally, the number of views on Christmas Day in Ireland was 18 (0.6% of total) - some of my students perhaps?

The most watched video was How To... Plot Multiple Data Sets on the Same Chart in Excel - this video is the channel's second most popular video and, in my view, reflects a growing demand to learn about charting and analytics.

This has been a good year so far for my YouTube Channel with just over 2.25 million views. This followed a poor year in 2015 when some changes I made to metadata in May caused a collapse in views - the recovery is now complete and hopefully the channel will continue to grow. I am exited about a new module (Data Visualization) next semester and hope that it will afford me some new opportunities to create more videos. Watch this space!

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