Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is the Christmas Card Dead? #12

This year, for the first time I am not sending Christmas Cards by post - yes, not even to my Mum and Dad (sorry)! Like lots of people I have noticed that Christmas cards coming to our house have diminished over the past few years, and the numbers going out have also declined. It is a dying art as social media takes over, and I am going along with this. So this year I will use Facebook to issue a Christmas card from my family and I on Christmas Day. My Dad is now on Facebook - so I will not leave anyone out. 

Image source: Mastibite.

This of course has consequences for companies like An Post which employs over 9,600 people. But Facebook now employs about 2,000 people in Dublin - so my conscience is clear about the consequences of my actions. It is a changing world and Christmas is no different. I love moving with the times, and so I am moving to Facebook for Christmas greetings. I think I can reach everyone (except MBM) that I would have sent a card to anyway.

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