Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas Shappin' in #Belfast! #28

Today was all about shopping, we went to St George's Market at about 11:00 am only to find everybody else in Belfast had the same idea - soooo crowded! We visited lots of stands with food and crafts - we even bought some Christmas presents. The market is a complete hive of activity - lots of pushing and shoving to get past the crowd. Everyone was so relaxed - we had savoury crêpes for breakfast and enjoying mingling with the locals and tourists in one of Belfast's best attractions. Later we wondered down to the city centre where semi-naked young fellas were destroying Christmas carols in Victoria Square. Belfast was a buzzin' today - no doubt with a lot of "shappers" from the South as the road back to Dublin was very busy.

Once again  a wonderful weekend in Belfast - love it! 

The very busy St George's Market.

Bangor Rugby Club - Hardy Men!

Belfast City Hall.

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