Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Larger or Smaller Classes - Which is Best? #11

I love teaching to large (50+ students) classes - full stop. There is a dynamism that cannot be measured - I love the banter, interactivity, challenge, friendliness, that does not exist in smaller classes. While I am happy to work with small classes - nothing beats standing in front of a group of 50+ students and engaging in learning and teaching. It's what I live for.

If given the opportunity to lecture to 5 students or 50 is presented to me - I will go for 50 every time, regardless of time table.

There is no straight answer to "Larger or Smaller Classes - Which is Best?". But there is a buzz in larger classes that cannot be replicated in smaller classes. 

Just sayin'.


  1. I have a student in NCI not your faculty, will not go to lectures, says ''he can get them on line'' what can I do to make him turn up,or is there someone in NCI who deals with students who can talk to concerned guardians

  2. Hi - Lectures are not provided "on-line", just notes of the lecture. It is not good learning practice to just read short notes.

    You can get in touch by email with, who will be happy to help and advise - this is a confidential service.

    If it's OK with you I will delete your comment, and my response, later today.


  3. Hi Eugene,

    you're obviously talking from a lecturer's perspective and not from a student perspective. During my time in NCI, I got more out of a lecture when we had smaller classes than bigger classes.

    Compliments of the season.