Friday, December 16, 2016

The Little Things #YouTubeComments #16

When people take the time out to say "Thank you", it not only shows good manners - but it is also gratifying to the recipient, regardless of whether the comment is positive or negative. I get a lot of feedback from my viewers which motivates me to keep going. There are many comments on my YouTube channel, most of them positive - just saying "Thank you". Negative comments are hard to read, but they can help me to improve. I do get some criticism for speaking too fast, but as you'll see in some negative comments below, that not everyone is in agreement on this. So I am very grateful to my viewers for thier kind comments, and I hope they keep it up! It is also a reminder to us all to say "Thank You" to others when they do something for us.

Some recent examples of positive feedback:

I have my biostats final tomorrow. This was better explained thatn both my instructor and the book! Thanks so much!

I luh u, literally have project due 2morrow and out here stressing with damn music. if i see in streets u getting a hug #savingtheyouth

I love your videos. They are so clear and concise and make things easy to understand. Thank you so much for posting and sharing.

The greatest example I have seen, by far.  Thank you for the walk-through and explanation!
Gus have some manners and give this guy some credit, Eugene should work for NASA :)

So great!!!!! Thank you! Love your beautiful accent too.

OH MY GAWD! I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much, and thanks for the formula. You sir, have saved my behind with this formula

I love this guy

Some recent examples of not so positive feedback:

I can barely hear this guy?  Speak up  :/  or raise your recording volume

"There are Tertteen numbers" 2:33 xD

get to the point omg

fast as hell.. slow down

you shouldn't have ads on your videos its very annoying when someone is trying to get help with a project and you have to sit through a thirty second ad

This gave me crippling autism.

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