Saturday, December 10, 2016

Old Photos #22

Thanks to my cousin Clarissa, I have been looking through an old photo album of my Dad's family. I will publish many here and on Facebook as I am making copies before I return the album. Many show the O'Loughlin family at their home in Tomacork, near Carnew, in Co Wicklow. We had great fun today with Dad going through the album and identifying people, locations, and cars!

One of the most interesting photos for me turned out to be my great grandparents Thomas and Bridget Hurley:

I had never seen this photo or any other of them before. They were married in 1894 and had six children, including my grandmother Kathleen, before Bridget died in 1916. They lived in Newmarket in Co Cork where he was the local creamery manager. Thomas died in 1921. I think my Dad looks a bit like Thomas, many of his descendants inherited his (lack of) hair. Despite having six children, they did not have many grandchildren. One son (Charles) became a priest, another (Pat) never married, while a third (Tim) had just one daughter (Ursula - my Dad's only first cousin). Of their three daughters, Kathleen had six children, Hannah became a nun, Eileen sadly lost her husband (Joe) just five weeks after they were married in 1934.

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