Wednesday, December 14, 2016

11,000,000 YouTube Views #WOW #18

Today my YouTube channel passed 11,000,000 views since 1st January 2010 (views before this date are no longer counted). As always, I am both gratified and humbled that so many people from all over the world watch my videos and find them so useful. It has taken 4.5 months for the most recent million views to rack up, and you can see in the chart below that overall views are almost back to what they were two years ago. You can see a sharp drop in views around April/May in 2015 following changes I made to metadata and the ill-fated introduction of thumbnail graphics for each video. Revenue too is starting to recover. Interstingly, and completely coincidentally, the Watch Time is 57 years and 33 days - almost exactly my own age!

Click chart to enlarge.

Despite the big decline in views during the first part of 2015, you can see that the pattern remains very cyclical. Each year the views grow from the beginning of the year and peak in April/May before dropping off slowly in the summer. Around mid-August views start to increase again, and keep climbing until early December. There is then a dramatic drop off during the Christmas and New Year holidays. I will dig a little deeper into these analytics in a post tomorrow.

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