Saturday, December 17, 2016

End of Semester #Phew #15

Semester I is over - yay! It flew by very quickly and I enjoyed every minute of it (well almost!). I was fortunate in having great classes to work with this year. I had final year students who were enthusiastic, hungry, and anxious to do well in their studies - their attendance and participation in class was great. I also had a Higher Diploma class which I really loved - great enthusiasm and more hunger for learning. I had two separate second year classes. While I enjoyed these classes, I did have some behavioral issues to deal with from time-to-time which takes (a little of) the enjoyment out of my work.

In the College this year we have finished Semester I a week later than normal. This puts a little pressure on with just a few days left before Christmas to complete grading continuous assessment, but I'll get it done anyway. One of the perks in working in the College is that we get a nice Christmas break - we finish up on Thursday 23rd December, and return on 3rd January - almost two weeks. Time to relax a bit and enjoy the holiday season. Looking forward to Semester II!

Image source: Elisha Goldstein.

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