Friday, November 11, 2016

Losing it in class #51

In one of my classes today I had to ask myself "Why the fuck do I do this?"
I didn't apologise for saying this
The click click click of mouse activity was constant,
There was constant chatting
There was lots of attention being paid to computer screens 
(I'm certain that this was not related to class activity)
Very few were paying any attention
I refuse to police this

It was 16:00 on a Friday afternoon
The College was almost empty
I regularly asked students not to distract others beside/behind them
I regularly asked for the chit-chat to stop
I was ignored
All the time
Why the fuck do I do this?

I want to make a difference
I can for some
But not for all
I was not happy
I showed this
I was not polite
I lost it

I'm sorry.


  1. I feel your pain. We're human. I lost it with a student recently who emailed me the night before an exam asking me to put more notes up on Moodle.

    1. I've had that one too!

      If only they knew that I was writing their exam paper this week.