Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How To... Perform a One-Way ANOVA Test in SPSS #HDSDA #analytics #40

So far this year I have released 12 new "How To..." videos - this brings the total to 147 in my channel. Only two of these new videos have exceeded 1,000 views so far this year: "How To... Perform the Mann-Whitney U Test" (6,812 views) and "How To... Perform a Kruskal-Wallis H Test" (3,511) - both were released earlier in the year. This year was also the first time I started a series of videos for SPSS. I had low expectations of high views for these videos, as similar by other content creators on YouTube do not have many views - my expectations have proven to be true. At least they should be of use to my own students.

My latest video shows how to conduct a One-Way Analysis of variance (ANOVA) test in SPSS. This is a statistics technique to test for significant difference between three or more samples. The data in each sample must be normally distributed. The result of the test simply tells you if you have found a significant difference between at least two samples, but not which two. A follow-up test called a Tukey Test is required to tell which two samples are significantly different. Performing an ANOVA testing SPSS is slightly awkward in that you have to first group the data, assign a value to each group, and give each group a label. Here's my short video showing how to do all this:

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