Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Mellon Educate Building Blitz #57

This year's Mellon Educate Project is to rebuild and renovate two primary schools (Ummangaliso and Kuyasa) in Khayelitsha, Capetown. One of the 270 or so volunteer builders is (for the sixth time) my lovely wife Roma. The Building Blitz starts today, many volunteers are already there. Together with several other volunteers, she set out from Dublin (via London) for the long trip to Capetown. They can look forward to a very long flight (11+ hours) which will, in turn, be followed by six days of very early mornings and long days of hard work. 

Education is the most important and valuable gift anyone can give a child. In the video below (from Mellon Educate) you will see children from Capetown who want to grow up to be doctors, teachers, and lawyers - just like children all over the world. But their school infrastructure lacks the resources they need, especially in science and technology, to give the kids the opportunities they want. The work that Roma and her volunteer colleagues are doing is vital to contribute to better education facilities for the children in the Ummangaliso and Kuyasa schools.

Over the past year, Roma has been raising funds from friends, neighbours, and many others who have contributed generously to the Mellon Educate cause. Indeed at times our house has looked like a clothes recycling plant as she collected old clothes to raise hundreds of euro. All in a good cause.

Go Roma!

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