Thursday, November 17, 2016

Europe for Big Data via @forbes #BigData #HDSDA #45

Law firm William Fry, in partnership with Forbes Insights, surveyed 200 senior business executives from leading companies around the world to explore the business challenges and opportunities that big data offers. They produced some interesting findings - especially as 96% viewed Ireland as a "favourable investment location". 82% rated Ireland’s data privacy regulatory regime as good to excellent - we are therefore "well placed as a jurisdiction of choice for the location of data operations for the European region" according to Forbes. You can get a full copy of the report here.

The survey also shows that "tax rate" is the "number one most important location issue for data-driven investment" (Duh!) followed by "ease of doing business", "legal framework", and "talent". The report is an excellent read for Data Analytics students and is also a comfort to see that Ireland is up there with the best with regard to Big Data. 

Some figures from the report...
Image source: Forbes.

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