Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Dying Art of Fixing Things #36

Like a lot of people of my generation - I like fixing things. Growing up on a farm I learned to be quite handy with DIY, I can turn my hand to most things around the house. However, this is a dying art - lots of people can't do basic stuff like wire a plug or fix a light switch. We have also become a throw-away society where we will replace something rather than try to fix it. In America, they have a great idea where people can bring things to a Repair CafĂ© where volunteer fixer experts can help to fix them - this encourages the art of fixing things, and of course saves money and the environment.

In honour of this, I am going to try and fix something I've never done before - an iPhone 6S. The screen is smashed and needs to be replaced. I bought a replacement screen on eBay and will go through this tomorrow afternoon.

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