Sunday, November 06, 2016

Who will America pick for President? #56

This week, Americans face a choice of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be their next President. I genuinely hope that whoever gets the job that they will be up to it. If I was an American with a vote, I definitely would find it very difficult to vote for either character - I don't like either of them.

Image source: The Fiscal Times.

I think Hillary will win, and win big. The swing states that decide US elections seem to be in her favour. According to the 270 to Win website, Clinton has 252 Electoral votes against Trump's 163, with 123 electoral votes still to fight for. She needs just 18 more votes out of the 123 - she can't lose. What type of President will she make? I don't know. I often feel that candidates promise a lot, but when they get into office they discover that they can't make much difference as the "system" changes little.

I'm sure Americans would prefer true leaders to come forward at election time. In the election Primaries, Bernie Sanders stood out. Also, current Vice-President Joe Biden would have made an excellent candidate. How Americans would wish for a Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, or a Kennedy to step forward. I have no doubt that the next President will be in office for just one term. It's up to the Republican party (who since Ronald Reagan have just come up with the Bushs) to find a candidate capable of taking on Hillary in the 2020 Election.

God (really needs to) Bless America!

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