Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Thanksgiving Effect on my YouTube Channel #analytics #33

Every year at Thanksgiving time there is a drop in daily views of videos on my YouTube Channel. Normally Thursday is one of the best days in a typical week, but in the chart below for November you can see that views on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday have dropped dramatically while Americans were having turkey and going shopping. Looking at the analytics country by country, only in America is there a fall off like this. For Thanksgiving Day itself (24th Nov) the daily view figure was 561 compared to almost 3,000 the previous Thursday - even in the lead-up days there was a steeper than usual decline. In other countries, there is no such dramatic decline. As America accounts for about 25% of all views, this has a big effect on the overall view totals. 

The next big holiday is the Christmas and New Year period, and the annual decline leading into this period will begin in the next week or so. While it is no surprise that views for educational videos drop during holiday periods, I am alway amused (and gratified) that there are still lots of people who watch my videos during holiday time.

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