Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Your Data Belongs to You! Part II @fitbit #analytics #46

Following on from yesterday, I am taking another look at personal data gathered by my ChangeHR Fitbit. Yesterday I compared my "Active" to "Sedentary" activity to discover that I am not very active. The Fitbit breaks activity down into three types: minutes "Lightly", "Fairly", and "Very" active. When I compare these three meaures for last month together I get the following chart:

As I am not very active it is no surprise to see that most of the activity that I do have is "light activity" (blue line). As I found out yesterday, this should be a motivation for me to get more active - especially to try to be more fairly/very active.

I also wear the Fitbit when I am asleep - it can tell when I am asleep (presumably by matching the time with long period of inactivity associate with sleep). 8 hours (480 minutes) is the default recommendation for a good night's sleep, and most of the time I achieved this. Some days at the end of October are missing data. 

Not seen here, but the Fitbit Dashboard will also tell if my sleep is disturbed or if I am awake. Sometimes I feel in the morning that I have gotten very little sleep or that I have been "awake all night" - the Fitbit can track this, and often it tells me that I was only disturbed or awake for very short periods contrary to what I thought.

Some day in the future, probably after about a year of wearing the Fitbit, I'll check the data again and see what a year's pattern looks like. I really like Fitbit making this data available under the "Your Data Belongs to You!" principle. How often can we get all data about ourselves? Eh Google? Facebook?

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