Friday, November 25, 2016

Real Black Friday Bargain @Udemy #blackfriday #37

How did we get into adopting an American phenomenon known as "Black Friday"? How did it spread from America to the rest of the world? And there is still "Cyber Monday" to come? Since the US holiday of Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, many also take the Friday afterwards as a holiday to go shopping. Even in Ireland, where we don't do Thanksgiving, we are now inundated with TV, radio, and Internet ads for Black Friday bargains - it's hard to ignore them. Sure - I'd love to spend the day in gadget shops looking for bargains, but like most Irish people, I have to work today. 

However, I did come across a real bargain! Udemy, an on-line education provider, has slashed (oops - I sound like a Black Friday ad!) the prices of courses. One, in particular, caught my eye: Tableau 9 For Data Science: REAL-Life Data Science Exercises. It is just €15 (reduced from €200), so I enrolled in this and a follow-on class to brush up on my Tableau skills. I am already making use of Tableau features to create much better data visualisations than I have ever done before. A true educational bargain!

Here's the Promo video:

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