Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Top 8 Data Trends for 2016 via @tableau #datatrends16 #analytics #HDSDA #39

Tableau Software has recently published The Top 8 Data Trends for 2016, which makes for interesting reading for all those interested in data science/analytics. These are interesting times for Big Data, and companies like Tableau are leading the way in how we analyse, present, and interpret data. I only use Tableau briefly in my Statistics classes, but next semester I am hoping to be involved in a Data Visualization module and Tableau will be one of the tools I will use.

From the list of the Top 8 Trends according to Tableau, the most interesting to me are:

4: Big data grows up
As Hadoop becomes a core element of IT architecture in organisations, more money is being spent on data security - this will lead to greater adoption in the enterprise.

5: Big Data gets fast
While Hadoop adoption increases, there is a growing demand for fast data analysis as is expected from the traditional data warehouse. New technologies such as Cloudera Impala, AtScale, Actian Vector and Jethro Data, will become more prominent .

6: The number of options for preparing end users to discover all forms of data grows
Tools such as Tableau, a self-styled "Self-service data preparation tool" are exploding in popularity. Put simply, they reduce the time to explore and analyse data. Business users (who are not Data Scientists) now want to also want to be able to reduce the time and complexity of preparing data for analysis, especially when dealing with a variety of data types and formats.

8. The buzzwords converge!
Tableau sees the Internet of Things, Cloud, and Big Data coming together. Tableau predicts that data from devices in the Internet of Things will become one of the “killer apps” for the cloud and a driver of petabyte (that's 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes!) scale data explosion.

There's no doubt that the Big Data landscape is changing and developing fast. Lots of companies are seeing opportunities to analyse their data to look for something that they did not see before. This drives the technology needed, so institutions such as the National College of Ireland must be prepared to educate the next generation of Data Scientists and Analysts.

The full list of Tableau Top 8 Trends can be downloaded from:

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