Friday, October 21, 2016

What are the most valuable Data Analysis Skills? via @coursera #Analytics #HDSDA #72

Cousera, which provides on-line courses from top universities for free, has examined data from sources like PayScale and to identify ten of the highest-impact data analysis skills and the average pay boost achieved from learning these skills. Here is their ranked list:

Skill     Average Pay Boost       
  #1 Machine Learning
  #2 Data Mining
  #3 R (Programming language)    
  #4 Data Modelling
  #5 Business Analysis
  #6 Research Analysis
  #7 Bioscience Data Analysis 
  #8 Investment Management 
  #9 Valuation
 #10 Business Forecasting

It's interesting that "Machine Learning" comes out on top of the list and also has the highest average pay boost - clearly this is a very valuable skill to develop if you want to succeed and earn decent money in Data Analytics. It is also good to see skills like "Data Mining", "R programming", and "Business Analysis" high up on the list - these are subjects we cover on Data Analytics programmes in the National College of Ireland for the past four years (so good to know we are keeping up!). We haven't yet moved into the area of Bioscience or Biometric data, but I feel this is inevitable given the massive rise in wearable technology that is capturing more-and-more data from our own bodies. 

Data analytics is here to stay!

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