Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jobs for Data Analysts/Scientists #Analytics #HDSDA #74

Over the past year, I have written several posts about data analytics and have reported several times that these are exciting days of opportunity for anyone studying data analytics. Are there job opportunities? Here is what I have found in searches for jobs on Irish job sites today:

Searches for "Data Analyst":
  • - 2 jobs
  • Jobs Ireland - 0 jobs
  • - 513 jobs
  • - 246 jobs
Searches for "Data Scientist":
  • - 402 jobs
  • Jobs Ireland - 0 jobs
  • - 65 jobs
  • - 26 jobs
Image source: Analytics for Insights.
So - this is a very un-scientific survey of just four job sites, but the findings are interesting. Jobs Ireland is clearly not the place to go if you are looking for work in the data analyst/scientist category. There is a clear distinction between the roles of Data Analyst (more entry level), and Data Scientist (more deep diving position). has 2 positions available for the former, and 402 for the latter. The reverse is the case in both and, where "data analyst" is the dominant position available.

I'm sure there is a lack of consistency with terminology which might explain the differences between sites. But between the two roles: scientist/analyst - there still seems to be a lot of opportunity for graduates. Hopefully, this will continue and that NCI graduates will continue to do us all proud in jobs for a wide variety of companies. 

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  1. Interesting! Your post has prompted me to also check out

    Searches for "Data Analyst": - 465 jobs

    Searches for "Data Scientist": - 86 jobs