Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Number of Overseas Visitors by Irish County (via @poloconghaile) @Tableau #Visualization #Analytics #HDSDA #82

Writing in today's Irish Independent, travel writer Pól Ó Conghaile tells us about the "Irish counties most (and least) visited by overseas tourists" plus the revenue from such visitors. The data are sourced from Fáílte Ireland. Visuals are not provided, just a table - so I thought it might be interesting to use Tableau to view the data in a different way. 

I have not yet cracked how Tableau handles Irish counties on a map. For the moment I am using Packed Bubble Charts to compare all 26 counties - no surprising information, just another way of looking at simple data. Here are the two charts side by side (click to enlarge):

Overseas Visitors

No surprise that Dublin is the biggest bubble in each chart. Cork, Galway, Kerry, and Clare are the next biggest - along with Dublin these are the most popular and profitable counties in Ireland for Overseas visitors. The figures do not include Irish holiday makers - if they did I suspect that Wexford and Donegal would be relatively bigger. Counties on the Wild Atlantic Way seem to be doing well, while the mainly midland counties are lagging behind in both numbers and revenue. Something for Fáilte Ireland to work on, maybe Ireland's Ancient East might bring more visitors in the next few years.

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