Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Pint With My Dad in the @TheDyingCowPub #78

Today my Dad and I went to a pub that neither of us had ever been to before - the Dying Cow near Tinahely in South Co Wicklow. It is not often that I have my Dad to myself, and I very much appreciated the moment (and the pint!). Dad had heard of "creamy pints" in this pub near Tinahely, so in the interests of research, we decided to judge the creaminess of these pints for ourselves. 10/10 - brilliant!

This pub will be known to many who travel on the Wicklow Way. It also must be one of the smallest pubs in Ireland. In no time Dad and the proprietor (Mrs. Lil Dolan) were chatting about people they knew - and it was enjoyable listening to them. When I think back on our conversation today, it was mostly about family. We talked a lot about his Dad (PJ), and also about Newmarket in Co Cork where his Mum and Dad came from before they moved to Carnew in 1929. 

I am 57 years old, and most men that I know that are the same age as me, have lost their Dads - I am so lucky. Dad is just about the coolest 85-year old man in Ireland, and I love him to bits. I look forward to many more pints in out-of-the-way pubs like The Dying Cow.

How the Dying Cow got its name.

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