Friday, October 14, 2016

Great Presentation Tips from Business Insider #79

Every now and then we need and appreciate tips from experts on how to do things better. Today I came across a short video featuring Dananjaya Hettiarachchi who was the 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking. So he must be good, and he is. In this video, he shares four tips for better public speaking, which I can see could also be used by Lecturers to do their jobs better.

Hettiarachchi recommends:
  1. Don't cover your vital organs - keep your body open
  2. Open your palms to the audience
  3. Get comfortable with the stage
  4. Don't touch the podium (lectern)
Us Lecturers - we all want to be good presenters, even though it is not actually part of our job to be good at this. I have been to some shite lectures in my time (I'm sure some of my own students could say the same about my lectures!). Much of this is caused by very poor presentation skills. This is a shame, but there is no formal training or qualification in teaching required to be a Lecturer - so no surprise that some of us are shite at presentation.

Watch and learn and from an expert...

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